Child Hypnosis

At the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services Inc., I specialize in working with children. I use a variety of techniques that work well with youths from ages 5 to 18 to help them with homework, study skills, test preparation, focus, overcoming fears, gaining confidence, ending bad habits, and leading more successful lives. Much of the work I do is based on study of works by Cal Banyan, Don Mottin, and Kathleen Skott-Myhre.

The minds of children do not fully form until they have matured. A more mature child around the age of 12 or older, who is able to follow instructions easily, can be hypnotized and given suggestions much as an adult can to quickly and easily develop change and success in their lives. A younger child has his sub-conscious formed on a daily basis via the experiences, thoughts, and feelings he has. Parents play a major role in helping form the sub-conscious mind of a child, as the words they use and the emotions that show imprint on a child’s mind. Therefore it is so important for parents to use words wisely and with positively in order to form strong positive beliefs in the child’s subconscious. Children have big imaginations and they use them actively throughout their day. This active use of the imagination is much the same as waking hypnosis and it is therefore easy to reach a child’s mind with some simple child-friendly techniques that focus on this simple ability of the young child to use his imagination.

As an elementary school educator for so many years, I find it easy to work with children. I love helping children and enjoy seeing them grown and develop as they find new successes and fulfillment. I am especially delighted when I see them learn new skills or overcome a problem that is frustrating them. I believe that hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help them find solutions that will give them lasting success and fulfillment.

What would I expect in a session for a child?

Parents should expect to accompany their children to all sessions. I spend time with the parents and child educating them about hypnosis and getting them to feel comfortable and confident about being hypnotized. I then answer all questions and we discuss the problem or issue that the child is in for. I then do a private session with the child while the parents wait outside for the session to end. Remaining positive and believing in the process is a must for parents, as children are more apt to believe hypnosis will help them if their parents also believe it and show positivity about it. In fact, it is often recommended that one or both parent also do some hypnosis to help improve any stress or negativity surrounding the problem. Expect to attend at least 5 hypnosis sessions, but possibly more, depending on the issue and age of the child. Sessions with children tend to be a little shorter than with adults. You can expect most sessions to run about an hour or maybe a little less. For children of 5 or 6 years of age, expect only about 30 minutes maximum.

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